Samson’s Deal by Shelley Singer

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Genre: Mystery
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Ex-Chicago-cop Jake Samson is tired of the rat race. He’s living in laid back Oakland, California with a couple of cats and just enough savings to eat canned oysters and accept collect calls from his bemused parents, when an old friend–a progressive political science professor–calls with an enticing offer. Seems the professor’s wife was found dead in the backyard of their Berkeley home, and he wants to pay Jake ten thousand dollars (plus expenses) to figure out whodunit.

The police pick up the usual leads; jealousy, dirty politics, and an estate worth killing for. Naturally, since the professor is the dead woman’s spouse, he’s the primary suspect. Samson doesn’t like the guy much, but the case heats up—quite literally—when the professor’s office is set afire by a radical right wing activist group, of which, it turns out, the wife was a member.

With his good friend Rosie, and her justice-dispensing two-by-four, Samson follows a twisted trail that leads through the Bay Area’s bizarre cultural labyrinth, from pop meditation ashrams to neo-Nazi rallies, to the startling but all too human truth.

Habit Triggers by Romuald Andrade

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Genre: Business
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Have you ever tried to accomplish a goal or set a New Year’s Resolution but given up after a short while? Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough willpower, and aren’t strong enough to accomplish what you want?

But the good news is, you don’t have to feel like this anymore. It is not just willpower that will help you accomplish what you want! Would you be interested in a system that can help you achieve your goals without depending solely on willpower?

If your answer is Yes – then this book will help you take control of your habits and create powerful new ones.

It will help you:
Become more productive.
Improve your relationships.
Take control of your finances.
Live a happier, healthier life and
Achieve more success.

Critical Thinking by Brian Ledger

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Genre: Non-Fiction
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Over thinking is often the root of why people get stuck or feel regret about their decisions. By using wise critical thinking, you’ll be able to think smart and not regret anything because you will be making the most logical, and smartest decisions with the use of your intuition.

Here Is a Preview of What You’ll Learn…

Critical Thinking
Making Better Decisions
How to Think Logically
Use Your Intuition
Awakening Your Intuition
How Intuition Affects Your Decisions

Jewelry Making Guide Book by Dina Galvin

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Genre: Crafts
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Jewelry making is a combination of precision science and creative art. Jewelry making can also be breathtakingly expensive, especially when you are dealing with the big- three of jewelry: gold, pearl and diamonds. But, fortunately, most of the jewelry that is actually used on a day to day basis is not the expensive type but the normal fashion jewelry. That is the array of every day jewelry – necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants – that you can match with just about any dressing complete with color variations, size and styles.

That is what this jewelry making guide book is about. It is a book on jewelry making for beginners with easy, step by step instructions on how to make fashion jewelry. Whatever your preference, from beautiful pendants to handmade beaded jewelry, this easy guide to making jewelry has all the instructions and tips that you need.

Easy guide to handmade beaded Jewelry making for beginners

But why make, rather than buy, your won jewelry? Because DIY jewelry making is cheaper and allows you to make your own designer jewelry that reflects your own taste and personality. This DIY jewelry making guide book makes all that possible by systematically explaining the process of creating original and unique jewelry with just about any jewelry pattern you can think of. And that includes step by step instructions on making handmade beaded jewelry, an increasingly popular and creative type of fashion jewelry that is particularly good at expressing unique personality.

Plus, of course, you could take matters a step higher and start your own line of jewelry brands. The book’s easy instructions on how to make DIY jewelry are specifically designed to give jewelry making beginners all the grounding and perspectives to create their own brands of unique and original jewelry. In fact, you could make unique and original necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants as gifts for friends and family on special occasions like birthdays, weddings or holidays like Christmas.

Topics covered by this Jewelry Making Guide Book:
• The materials and tools of fashion jewelry making
• Techniques of making homemade necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants
• Tips on creating unique and original jewelry pattern

Quick and Easy Quinoa Recipes by Julia Cussler

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Genre: Cooking
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This book will guide you to the art of cooking delicious, low-calorie dishes while using quinoa as a main ingredient. These easy-to-follow recipes will help you reach your weight loss goals and achieve optimum wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

You will find 50 healthy and flavorful quinoa dishes in this book with each of them containing less than 250 calories per serving. The easy-to-follow recipes will teach you how to transform quinoa into your favorite dishes such as soups, salads, main dishes, smoothies, omelets and desserts. Once you try these recipes, you will be convinced that it is possible to lose weight while enjoying the clean flavors and fragrant aromas of quinoa mixed with other organic ingredients.

I hope that this book will inspire you to incorporate healthy ingredients such as quinoa into daily meals for the family. Blending quinoa with healthy amounts of vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, eggs, herbs and healthy oils and serving these nutrient-dense entrees at the dining table is a huge step towards successful weight management and disease prevention.

It is also expected that you combine these healthy quinoa recipes with regular exercise and a positive outlook on life, for these three components will help you lose weight and gain the life you truly deserve.

Whispers of Murder by Cheryl Bradshaw

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Genre: Short Mystery, Romance
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It was Isabelle Donnelly’s wedding day, a moment in time that should have been the happiest in her life…until it ended in murder.
Three women, three motives to kill:
–A jealous sister
–A company CFO
–A new-found friend
Which one is plotting against her? Which one wants her dead?
Think you know who did it? Think again.

Ash by Jason Brant


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Genre: Thriller
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9 AM EST: A senator shoots himself on national television.

10:32 AM EST: An entire floor of government agents leap to their death from their office building.

12:57 PM EST: All the police officers inside a station murder each other.

And the day has just begun.

Lieutenant Asher Benson left Iraq with a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and a Purple Heart. His doctors warned that the symptoms would be life altering. They had no idea. As his body healed, the thoughts of those around him began to echo through Ash’s mind, stretching the boundaries of his sanity.

Five years later, Ash is drowning the voices with copious amounts of booze and self-loathing.

When unidentified intelligence agents abduct him in broad daylight, Ash is thrust into a world of espionage and assassinations. A unique terrorist is operating on U.S. soil, and the government needs Ash, and the malady that has plagued him for half a decade, to find the killer.

Cruel Devices by George Wright Padgett


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Genre: Suspense
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Renowned horror writer Gavin Curtis is in a rut until he stumbles upon a mysterious typewriter, a forbidden antique that ignites boundless inspiration within him. But everything has its price, and he will soon discover that his talent, charm, wealth, and fame are no match for the ruthless evil that he’s unleashed. Pitted against a destructive entity from another realm, he races against time to save himself and those he loves.

Fireworks on the 4th by CR Hiatt

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Genre: Thriller
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A college hockey star.

A sinister group bent on destruction.


Weeks after shutting down the underground club called The Devil’s Door, McSwain & Beck find themselves trapped in their most perilous case yet. When their best friend is detained at the Mexican border, the chase is on to get him back to safety and out of the clutches of his tormentors.

Racing against the clock, their unique skills are put to the test against a sinister group bent on destruction, and the ruthless leader calling the shots wants them dead. An explosive thrill ride where sparks fly and the lives of thousands are in their hands.

Left Luggage by Andrew Christie

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Genre: Crime Thriller
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When John Lawrence finally finds out about his father’s dangerous legacy, it forces him to confront a family past marked by secrets and loss.
After leaving the army, John is back in Sydney and trying to build himself a new life while he looks after his elderly mother. Betty Lawrence was a photojournalist. She survived Vietnam, Lebanon and Sarajevo, but now she is bitter and resentful that old age and a broken leg have forced her to leave Paris and return to the home town she abandoned long ago.
Betty is followed by deadly baggage that puts them both in danger. A suitcase loaded with weapons and money, intended for a terrorist attack that never happened triggers a power struggle between local crime gangs. John and Betty are drawn into the violence and John has to fight to keep them both alive while he tries to understand just who his parents really were.

This fast-paced crime drama set in Sydney, introduces complex, and compelling characters struggling to survive against a backdrop of ruthless gang violence.

Dead Sober by Elizabeth Zelvin

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Genre: Mystery
Links: Amazon US   UK   Canada   Australia

On Christmas Day, Bruce Kohler wakes up in detox on the Bowery in New York City. He realizes it’s time to change his life, but how can he stay sober without dying of boredom? Then homeless alcoholics begin to turn up dead, and one of these is Bruce’s friend Godfrey, a cynical aristocrat with a trust fund and some secrets.

Two old friends give Bruce a second chance and agree to help him with his investigation: his best friend, Jimmy, a computer genius and history buff who’s been in AA for years, and Jimmy’s girl friend Barbara, a counselor who sometimes crosses the line between helping and codependency.

Pretty soon, the suspects are piling up. Along with the laughs. But, witty as she is, Zelvin never loses her compassion for the painful process of recovery.

Piano Book For Beginners by Sam Siv

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Genre: Music
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While it is true that the act of piano playing can be challenging, it should be known that it is also nourishing. Classical music is generally not what you would like to be listening to on the radio, but if you have heard musical works of art from the greats; Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, then you can understand the admiration their pieces bring. These few artists, among many more, have created models of beautiful music and this is what inspires many to generate half of the talent they have. Playing the piano can be simply a hobby to share your talent with only friends or family. And some even learn to play well enough in order to play in a band or group of other musical artists.


✔Getting to Know Your Piano
✔Keys A – G
✔Describing Piano Scales
✔Basics of Sheet Music
✔Lines and Spaces
✔Rhythm and Sheet Music
✔All About Piano Keys
✔Putting it all Together with Chords
✔Fake Books and Improvisation
✔Music Vocab for Beginners
✔Choosing Music to Play
✔Practicing on your Own
✔Playing for Friends and Family
✔Playing for Public Events
✔Tips for Beginners
✔Piano Lessons and Teachers
✔Lifetime Enjoyment
✔And more…

Drawing For Beginners by Charlotte Pearce

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Genre: Art
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Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Learn When You Download Your Copy Today…
What You Need To Get Started Drawing
How To Grip Your Drawing Pencil
Basic Drawing Exercises (Pencil Strokes And Shading)
Drawing and Shading Basic Geometric Shapes
Sketching Still-Life Subjects
Common Drawing Mistakes
And Much, Much More!

Crochet Pattern – Easy Scarf Project by Sarah Taylor

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Genre: Crafts
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This crochet scarf looks like quite a complicated project, but is much easier to make than it looks and can be made by crocheters of all skill levels. The lattice work at the scarf ends adds an eye-catching and unusual style element to give a unique look to your outfit.

You will only need two 4 oz (100g) skeins of light worsted weight (double knitting/8ply) yarn (one of each color) to complete this project.

The finished scarf measures approximately 48″ (122 cm) in length, and approximately 6½” (16.5 cm) wide along the main body of the scarf (it flares out wider than this at each end with the lattice pattern).

Processed In America by Scott Kustes

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Genre: Health
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Have you ever taken a walk around the Health, Fitness, & Diet section in your local bookstore? Shelf upon shelf of books, each promising to give you the body you want, an end to your health problems, and the secret answers “they” don’t want you to know. Or maybe you’ve been on the rollercoaster for a long time, flitting from this diet to that diet, always excited that you’ve finally found the answer. You avoided fat. You traded butter for margarine because saturated fat is horrible. Whole grain this. Low-fat that. Low-carb. No carb. Paleo. Vegan. It worked… until it didn’t.

There’s Got to Be a Better Way

Maybe you’re sick of losing weight on a diet only to gain it all back—and then some. Maybe you’re sick of avoiding family dinners or meals out with friends because you know there won’t be “safe” foods there that align with your diet du jour. Or maybe you’re just sick of dieting altogether and wish you could just go back to eating food. Well, the short answer is you can! The journey of dismantling all the diet propaganda you’ve been brainwashed with might be a bit trickier, though.

Kill Your Diet Before It Kills You

That’s where Scott Kustes comes in. A former paleo “diet loon,” Kustes has dug deep into the American health obsession in Processed in America, the first book in his Kill Your Diet series. This series of books takes a good hard look at the world of dieting, the ways that it’s become mainstream, and the reasons that you should Kill Your Diet and start to live a healthy life without constant concerns. Break down the arguments and look at all of the ways that the cult of wellness is constantly picking at you, keeping you in a state of constant concern about your health. Finally learn how to leave behind the diet culture to be happy and healthy without spending your time worrying about it.

Unbreakable Confidence by Corey Kidd

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Genre: Self-Help
Links: Amazon US   UK   Canada   Australia

Why do some people get all the dates (even if they are not necessarily the most attractive person in the room)? Why do others get all the prestigious work assgnments (even if they are not the most techncially compentent person in the office)? They have a special something that sets them apart from other people, something that makes others want to like them and want to support them.

That special ingredient is confidence. A belief in themselves an their abilities and you know what? You can have it too!

Inside You Will Learn:

• Why self confidence is so important;
• How to differentate between confidence and arrogance;
• The common reasons why people lack self esteem;
• How to work out why you have confidence issues;
• How improving your self-confidence can have a positive effect on your romantic and family life;
• How to use self-confidence to get ahead in the workplace;
• How self-confidence can help you in social situations;
• Tips and tricks for building your confidence levels;
• And much, much more

Illustrated with real life experiences and stories this book will help you to build your confidence so that you too can access all the benefits this important skill can bring to your life.

Salads & Dressings by Alisha Abbott

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Genre: Cooking
Links: Amazon US   UK   Canada   Australia

This book contains effective strategies and easy tips on how to facilitate yourself and amaze the guests by preparing delicious salads & dressings recipes at home.

You no longer need to spend a lot of money eating in restaurants. The recipes included in this book are very easy to follow and fun to prepare.

Most dishes are easy to cook, especially the common ones. They may look overwhelming to prepare due to their presentation but they are quite simple. The dishes in this book are not only filling, they are tasty and healthy too.illing, They Are Tasty And Healthy Too.

Beginners Guide To Sewing by Kitty Moore

Read on: Kindle, PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone
Genre: Crafts
Links: Amazon US   UK   Canada   Australia

If you are struggling with creative ideas…
If you want to show off your craftiness…
Or if the idea of receiving a full list of ready-to-go crafts appeals to you…

Then this book is for you!

This book provides you with a step-by-step guide to create your very own arts and crafts items!

Armored Soul by Mandie Tepe

Read on: Kindle, PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone
Genre: Romance
Links: Amazon US   UK   Canada   Australia

He led a solitary life by choice . . .

Remy LaGuarda was a loner… and content to be that way. He’d been out on his own since the age of sixteen. With the help of an aging biker, he’d built his life into what it was today. He was the owner of a small, but successful building contractor business. He had his boat, his Harley, and his art. If it was a lonely life, at least it was safe and secure—unlike his childhood in a home with abusive, alcoholic parents.

When one of the few people in the world he let himself care about goes missing, he reaches out for help. He’d heard about a police officer that had helped his sister through a domestic violence incident the year before, so he went looking for that officer for help. What he found was a complete surprise—and it shook up his life in ways he couldn’t have expected.

She was his polar opposite . . .

Stevie Jenssen had a wide circle of friends and family who she relied on… and who relied on her. That was the way she liked it. She had recently settled into a new job, after the tragic end to a case she had worked as a police officer with the San Diego Police Department’s Domestic Violence Unit. Her love for criminal justice had not been enough to keep her on the job after that explosive afternoon. But, she had landed on her feet as usual.

She was drawn to the man who had come to her for help in finding his missing sister. Even after that issue is resolved, she can’t keep from drawing him more firmly into her life. Could she make him understand there was more strength in leaning on and loving someone than in going it alone?

Just as the armor around his heart and soul begins to loosen, his past comes back to haunt him . . . Can someone from his past truly change and in turn, change the way he sees his future?

Thunder’s Shadow by Sheila Hollinghead

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Genre: Historical Fiction
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Sarah Jane Hunter had a blissful life planned–to move back home, to the farm that held precious memories and the promise of new life. The bombing of Pearl Harbor shatters her dreams. Michael’s former girlfriend, Sylvia, threatens to plunge her into misery. Will her insidious assaults destroy all Sarah Jane holds dear? Or will Sarah Jane find the grit she needs to withstand, not only the turmoil of war, but also the threat to her family’s security? As always, she must seek… in the shadow of the cedar.

Death by Request by Jaden Skye


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Genre: Mystery
Links: Amazon US   UK   Canada   Australia

Cindy and Mattheus are given a shocking case they have never faced before: a clear-cut case of euthanasia might turn out to be something more ominous.

Tara and Owen Danden, celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in Jamaica, are on the water, in a boat he rented, when the weather shifts and Tara falls overboard. As Owen tries desperately to save his wife, the boat spins and hits her head—sending her into a coma.

Pulled out of the water, barely alive, Tara is airlifted to an elegant hospital on the island, and remains in a coma for two months. When she finally dies, however, there becomes a question of whether she truly died of natural causes.

Based on scanty evidence, Owen is taken into custody and quickly hires Cindy and Mattheus to clear his name and find out who wanted Tara dead.

Cindy and Mattheus’s journey takes us through an intriguing exploration of comas, euthanasia and what happens to those in altered states. As the investigation proceeds we watch Cindy and Mattheus’s relationship ripen, and take a new turn. We also meet Tara’s crazy family, learn the secret they’ve been hiding, and see what bearing it might have on the case. As a new suspect finally comes into focus, all is not what it seems to be…

The Vital Principle by Amy Corwin

Read on: Kindle, PC, Mac, iPad, Kobo, Nook
Genre: Mystery
Links: Amazon US   UK   Canada   Australia

When the famous inquiry agent, Mr. Knighton Gaunt, is hired by Lord Crowley to attend a séance, he’s instructed to watch the spiritualist and expose her as a fraud. The task seems simple enough until he arrives at Rosecrest. The séance has barely begun when the sole source of light, a thin taper, goes out, and the séance dissolves into a nightmare of confusion and fear. Before Gaunt can bring order to the room, Lord Crowley dies. The lingering scent of bitter almonds on Crowley’s lips hints that his brandy may have been poisoned, and Gaunt can only conclude that one of the other attendees, or the spiritualist herself, may be responsible.

Confronting the attractive—and suspiciously calm—spiritualist, Gaunt strives to remain detached and discover if she is simply a charlatan or a cold-blooded murderess.

Miss Prudence Barnard, the spiritualist, does indeed have the most obvious motive. Lord Crowley had hired Gaunt to discredit her, an action that would destroy her livelihood. All the other guests are long-time friends of Lord Crowley and seem appalled by the tragedy. But as Gaunt digs deeper into the past, he discovers Crowley’s friends may have had even stronger motives. And the guests soon turn against one another as the investigation continues, and their relationships crumble under the mounting tension. Not everyone at Rosecrest held Crowley in high regard. Some, in fact, hated him.

Lies and dark secrets challenge Gaunt to separate fact from fiction and to find the real killer before he, or she, can strike again.

50+ Games And Activities To Keep Your Family Active by Jesse Donovan

Read on: Kindle, PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone
Genre: Parenting
Links: Amazon US   UK   Canada   Australia

Some of the things you will find in this book include;

1. Fun Family Games
2. Rainy Day Activities For Kids
3. Kids Outdoor Games
4. How To Get Your Child Away From The Television
5. Tips To Reward Your Child With Activities As Opposed To Gifts
6. Ways To Make Every Activity Fun And Enjoyable
7. Much, Much More…

Dead on the Vine by JM Harvey

Read on: Kindle, PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone
Genre: Mystery
Links: Amazon US   UK   Canada   Australia

Everyone liked Kevin Harlan, even the person who beat him to death with a rusty shovel…
Claire de Montagne, proprietress of St. Helena’s Violet Vineyards, has a husband who would rather date a teenager than raise one, an emotionally unstable daughter with a violent ex-boyfriend and a staff of two who treat her more like a mother than a boss. But she can handle all of that. After all, things could be worse.
Much worse.
Claire is preparing for the bottling of Violet’s Vintner’s Reserve, hoping to stave off bankruptcy for one more year, when her neighbor, Kevin Harlan, is found murdered in her vineyard. That’s awful enough, but when her daughter is arrested for the murder Claire is forced to pursue the real killer on her own, placing herself and everyone she loves in the line of fire.

9 Lives to Live by Mary Matthews

Read on: Kindle, PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone
Genre: Mystery
Links: Amazon US   UK   Canada   Australia

Only a cat with 9 lives could solve the most daunting mystery of all. Tatania, the brilliant Persian detective, and her tuxedo cat companion, Zeus, are on the case when the beautiful wife of a hotel conventioneer disappears.

Isabella survived a childhood on the streets of New York before being put on an Orphan Train to California. Years later, she’s a wealthy wife who wanders away from a La Jolla excursion. Grace and Jack interview Isabella’s husband while Tatania leaps on clues that become as intoxicating as catnip.

Murder In Wonderland by Leslie Leigh


Read on: Kindle, PC, Mac, iPad, Kobo, Nook
Genre: Mystery
Links: Amazon US   UK   Canada   Australia
B&N  Kobo

It’s the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Allie Griffin, a middle-aged widow with a little too much time on her hands, is hosting a book club to celebrate. Things go worse than she could possibly imagine when, at the very first meeting, wealthy socialite Victoria Cardinal drops stone dead onto the floor – poisoned.

Allie immediately sets out to find out whodunit and why. Meanwhile, standing in her way is a motley assortment of characters, all residents of tiny Verdenier, Vermont, a quaint little town that holds a great deal of secrets. Also hindering her progress is Detective Harry Tomlin, a hard-nosed cop who has his eye on Allie as suspect number one.

Could the answer to the mystery lie within the pages of her beloved Alice?Join smart, sassy Allie Griffin as she dons her sleuth hat for the first time, determined to solve the case, and save her good name.

A Saucy Murder by A. J. Carton


Read on: Kindle, PC, Mac, iPad, Kobo, Nook
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Links: Amazon US   UK   Canada   Australia
B&N  Kobo

One of Opera’s great sopranos is dead. Was it murder? If so, who killed her? The Roma? The jealous wife? The ruthless understudy? Or was it Emma’s tomato sauce? Newly residing in Blissburg, a quaint, wine country town north of San Francisco that caters to the rich and richer, amateur sleuth Emma Corsi has a week to solve the murder before her second career as a food writer is ruined. Her search entangles her with many of Blissburg’s quirky residents including a hunky Italian celebrity chef and an unlikely suitor named Jack Russo. In this first book of A. J. Carton’s new series, the Sonoma Wine Country Cozy Mysteries, Emma must confront a career change, the death of a close friend, and her turbulent relationship with her ambitious, outspoken daughter, Julie, who criticizes Emma’s beau as too sleazy and her wardrobe as too hippy for upscale Blissburg. Things only get worse when Emma becomes a homicide suspect, and Julie finds her successful PR firm threatened with extinction. Will Emma blow off a budding romance, or will she find the killer before she ends up in jail?

A Mouthful of Murder by Carol Durand

Read on: Kindle, PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Links: Amazon US   UK   Canada   Australia

Missy is up and running again – her new store in Dellville is successful and her old shop in LaChance is being rebuilt. She’s delighted when a woman her age from California buys the ice cream shop across the street, after a few slips of the tongue, the odd hours she keeps, Missy catches on that her new friend may be hiding something that may be deadly.

Natural Remedies for Digestive Problems by C.D. Shelton

Read on: Kindle, PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone
Genre: Health
Links: Amazon US   UK   Canada   Australia

When your digestive system is not functioning smoothly nothing seems right with the world. It has been estimated that digestive problems affect more than 100 million Americans. Some of these common digestive disorders include IBS, acid reflux, ulcers, abdominal pain often caused by bloating and gas, diarrhea and constipation.

If you or someone you know suffers from gastrointestinal tract issues, this eBook on Natural Remedies for Digestive Problems offers solutions to alleviate common stomach ailments utilizing products from your kitchen cupboard or items found at your local health food store.

Instead of buying expensive, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals for common digestive disorders, these natural remedies are healthier for you, in addition to saving you money.

Dutch Oven Cooking by Mitchel Davis

Read on: Kindle, PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone
Genre: Cooking
Links: Amazon US   UK   Canada   Australia

Dutch ovens have been around for a really long time, in fact they have been used for hundreds of years throughout a number of different countries. The Dutch oven is a popular method for cooking outdoors. All you need is a camp fire, your ingredients and a Dutch oven!
The recipes in this book will give you a taste of some of the delicious and easy meals you can create with your Dutch oven. If you have never Dutch oven cooking before you are missing out!
Here Is A Preview Of Some Of The Dutch Oven Recipes You Can Make

Chicken Stew
Beef & Barley Soup
Chickpea Stew
Perogies With Meat Sauce
Pulled Pork
Spicy Chicken Curry
Sweet and Sour Cabbage Rolls
Much, much more!